What is best to glue vinyl flooring down?

Answer On One Hand: Sheet FlooringVinyl flooring comes in sheets and tiles. If you are gluing down sheets, use the recommended adhesive. According to Ask the Builder, different brands of flooring require ... Read More »

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What can I use to glue down parque floors that doesn't cost more than the flooring?

It depends on what you are gluing it to (concrete, plywood, tile). Research the different adhesives available from your flooring dealer.

Can a purple stain be removed caused from plumbing glue on a bathroom vinyl sheet flooring?

Answer That stain was probably caused by the PVC joint cleaner, not the glue, however, I have had luck using a product called "Goof-Off" which is basically denatured alcohol. Be advised that it m... Read More »

How to Glue Down a New Vinyl Dash Cover?

New vinyl dashboard covers give your car a new look, and are a simple way to add style. Some vinyl covers require you to remove certain components of the dashboard to complete the installation, but... Read More »

What is the best, in your opinion, laminate sheet vinyl flooring?

Sheet vinyl , with out a doubt in a well used kitchen.. Good looking can withstand a good mopping and cleaning. All floor laminates are inter locking and are prone to water damage. Any questions ... Read More »