What is best to drink after workout hot or cold water?

Answer it depends if you try to lose calories its hot water but if your trying to cool yourself down you use cold water

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Is cold or hot water best to drink ,i love cold?

Kor keeping your sound sweeter, I prefer hot water... But if it doesn't matter cold water is good.

What is healthier to drink Room temperature water or cold water.?

It's still water either way...why would temperature make a difference? Most people prefer cold water because it's more refreshing.Add some fresh berries and Voila! you have (somewhat) flavored w... Read More »

Is it safe to drink cold water when your pregnant?

My tooth hurts when I drink cold water?

you could have a cavity or sensitive teeth usually hurt for a few weeks after going to the dentist especially cold things make them hurt then things will start settling down after awhile.y... Read More »