What is best itunes for ipad2?

Answer Yes, an iPhone and iPod cable will also work. The AC power adapter is different with the iPad, but the cable is the same.

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Can you use an itunes card to buy an ipad2?

January 27, 2010 And, That's The Released Date 2011-03-11

Can you purchase data on itunes for ipad2?

The Universal Product Code is a combination of electronically readable lines (the bar code) and numbers identifying the product and providing inventory and pricing information for producers and res... Read More »

Why isn't itunes recognizing my ipad2?

You may have a defective USB cable, or you may have a broken dock connector on your iPad.

How do you transfer files to ipad2 using itunes?

If your iTunes doesn't 'see' your iPod when you plug it in, you have a very old version of iTunes (which you need to update) or your cable or USB port could be damaged. The sync is automatic with e... Read More »