What is best inexpensive digital camera?

Answer I did a lot of research and found Canon PowerShot SD870 is to be the best camera for the money. This camera is totally awesome! Takes very high quality pictures at a very fast speed. I highly reco... Read More »

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What is a good, yet inexpensive, digital camera to buy?

don't listen to the first polaroid is cheap and a good name. You can find them at stores near you really cheap, i did post a link in my source which is a polaroid 9.0 megapixel camera they have ove... Read More »

Good digital inexpensive camera that's easy to use (not online)?

Not going to find much of a camera for your budget. Keep saving.Brand does matter. The reason some brands are preferred over others is because they have developed and maintain a reputation for qual... Read More »

Where can I buy an inexpensive reliable digital camera with video recording capability?

Does anyone know where I can a quality yet inexpensive water proof case for a Sanyo Xacti CG6 Digital Camera?

The store that sold you this POS seems to have all the answers, ask them.