What is best home remedy for bad breath?

Answer On One Hand: Eating Raw FoodThere are several raw food items that help treat bad breath. Eating raw fruit such as apples and pears removes plaque and bacteria from the teeth that contribute to bad ... Read More »

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Blue Light Home Remedy for Bad Breath?

The culprit behind bad breath is due to bacteria that forms in the mouth. Decaying teeth at the roots is the main reason behind this problem. Eating spicy foods that contain garlic and onion can c... Read More »

What home remedy is there to eradicate gum disease and bad breath?

Answer Managing advanced gum disease is all about daily plaque control - essentially sound oral hygiene. That means, in most cases, stopping the plaque in your mouth is really in your own hands. ... Read More »

Stop Bad Breath Remedy - What Are The Most Effective Remedies To Stop Bad Breath?

1. The most effective treatment for bad breath is proper oral hygiene. This includes brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing once daily. See your dentist to have cavities filled up pr... Read More »

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