What is best glue for dried flowers?

Answer On One Hand: Botanical GlueSpecial types of glue are made for working with flowers and other plants. Botanical Glue is a top choice of scrapbookers according to This glue adhe... Read More »

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How to Remove Dried Glue?

Once glue dries onto a surface, it can be hard to remove. Care has to be used to not damage the surface the glue is adhered to. Dissolve the glue as much as possible and then carefully scrape it of... Read More »

How to Remove Dried Super Glue?

Super glue is famous for its bonding powers with a variety of objects or, as the website proclaims, "The success of The Original Super Glue® derives from both its strength and versatility." Super ... Read More »

How to Remove Dried PVA Glue from Fabric?

Dried PVA glue on fabric will harden and if you pull at it, the threads of the fabric can come unstuck, spoiling or even weakening the fabric or garment. Here is what to do to get the glue off easily.

How to Easily Get Rid of Glue on Jeans That's Been Dried & Isn't Sticky?

Using glue for craft and construction projects can be a simple way to bond items. Wood, plastic and even some metals can bond together with the right glue. Unfortunately, glue also sticks to fabric... Read More »