What is the best alcohol to drink to avoid hangovers.?

Answer Alcohol when consumed in like amounts does not matter what source its comes from-beer-liquior-wine-matters not. One suffers a hangover when too much alcohol enters the body than the liver cannot pr... Read More »

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Which is the best way to get rid of bad hangovers?

Water before going to bedAdvil with water when you get upFood with some more waterThen lots of water during the day

What are good cures for hangovers?

WOW a lot on non drinkers out there!the 10 step program where the cure is prevention.1.) eat some normal food before you you go out.2.) do as before mentioned, drink a couple glasses of water befor... Read More »

What effect does an airplane flight have on hangovers?

None. You feel terrible whether in the air or on the ground.

How do you handle hangovers?

This is practical advice given by one who has spent years surviving fairly brutal hangovers.One thing is key. Prevention will save you better than any other thing. There is not enough to be said ab... Read More »