What is best celeron or pentuim 4?

Answer pentuim 4 MAN IT'S BETTER

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What is a Celeron M?

The Celeron M is a laptop Central Processing Unit (CPU) made by Intel. The "M" is short for "Mobile." The Celeron M is a low-cost CPU intended for budget laptops. It is also used for embedded compu... Read More »

What is Celeron?

The Intel Celeron is a brand family of low-cost central processing units (CPUs), one of the vital components of an operating computer. As with all CPUs, the Celeron is the "brain" of a computer, an... Read More »

What socket is Celeron?

As of 2010, Celeron processors for desktop computers use the LGA 1156 socket, which Intel's i3, i5 and i7 processors also use. Intel has used the Celeron brand name since 1998, and Celeron processo... Read More »

What is a Celeron processor?

Celeron is the name Intel gave to a series of budget microprocessors it introduced in 1998. Not all users need a lot of processing power; Intel targeted these users when it created the Celeron.Disa... Read More »