What is benzene?

Answer Benzene is a common chemical used in a wide array of industrial and chemical processes. Exposure to benzene can trigger a number of serious health conditions, including leukemia, low fetal birth we... Read More »

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What is benzene used for?

The chemical, benzene is used to make resins, plastics and synthetic fibers. In addition, benzene is used to make rubber, lubricants, pesticides and detergents. Benzene is a natural component of ga... Read More »

What is the origin of benzene?

Michael Faraday, an English scientist, first discovered benzene in 1825. He was able to isolate it from oil gas and named it "bicarburet of hydrogen." A German chemist named Eilhard Mitscherlich w... Read More »

What is the molar mass of benzene?

The molar mass of benzene (C6H6) is 78.11 grams per mole. Each carbon atom has an atomic mass of 12.011 and each hydrogen atom has an atomic mass of 1.0079. The molar mass is the sum of the atomic ... Read More »

What is the freezing point of benzene?

The freezing point of benzene is 41.9 degrees Fahrenheit. Benzene is an organic compound that was discovered in 1825 by Michael Faraday, an English chemist and physicist. Benzene is derived from co... Read More »