What is benzene?

Answer Benzene is a common chemical used in a wide array of industrial and chemical processes. Exposure to benzene can trigger a number of serious health conditions, including leukemia, low fetal birth we... Read More »

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What is benzene used for?

The chemical, benzene is used to make resins, plastics and synthetic fibers. In addition, benzene is used to make rubber, lubricants, pesticides and detergents. Benzene is a natural component of ga... Read More »

How much benzene is in gasoline?

In 2007, the Environmental Protection Agency imposed new standards limiting the amount of benzene to 1.3 percent of any given petroleum product. However, petroleum manufacturers are allowed to trad... Read More »

How many neutrons are in benzene?

A molecule of benzene contains 36 neutrons. A benzene molecule has six carbon atoms, each containing six neutrons, for a total of 36 neutrons. Benzene also contains six hydrogen atoms, but these ha... Read More »

Is benzene electrophilic?

Due to the presence of its carbon-carbon double bonds, benzene qualifies as a nucleophile ("nucleus lover"), not an electrophile ("electron lover"). Even though benzene exhibits nucleophilic proper... Read More »