What is bento?

Answer A bento, more commonly known as a bento box, is a traditional Japanese tray of food items typically eaten at lunch time. The bento box may have a lid and be carried like a lunchbox or lunch pail, o... Read More »

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What is a bento box ?

Traditionally a Japanese version of a lunchbox, bento boxes are now becoming popular as a fun, healthy lunch. The food varies based on the preferences of the person preparing the bento box; there a... Read More »

What is bento for?

Bento boxes are popular in Japanese culture as a way to create small meals to be eaten throughout the day. Bento boxes come in many shapes and sizes but the traditional pieces can fit inside the pa... Read More »

What is Hawaiian bento?

Hawaiian bento takes a Polynesian spin on the traditional Japanese box lunch, bringing tropical flavors and local treats together to create a meal that embraces both Hawaiian and Japanese cultural ... Read More »

What is a bento collage?

A "bento collage" is a type of art collage that combines a number of different pictures or materials into one larger collage. The pictures or materials used in a bento collage can come from anywhe... Read More »