What is bella-donna 200c homeopathic medicine?

Answer First of all, any homeopathic medicine is FDA approved and in order to be FDA approved, one has to be able to consume the ENTIRE bottle of medicine without risk of being posioned, so don't listen t... Read More »

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What is the definition of homeopathic medicine?

Based upon the principal "like cures like," homeopathy theorizes that tiny amounts of a toxic substance can act as an antidote to that substance. Conversely, medications that mitigate symptoms of a... Read More »

Homeopathic medicine vs. modern medicine?

Ummm .. well! I am for homeopathy .. it is much more advanced in terms of healing; homeopathic remedies can also be made from synthetic chemicals. I would advise homeopathy first as complimentary t... Read More »

Dog Seizures & Homeopathic Medicine?

A seizure can be a very frightening thing for both the dog experiencing it and the owner. Seizures can be treated in a variety of ways. These include safe, modern medications that can be prescribed... Read More »

Is there any Homeopathic medicine to get rid of mastabulation?

Homeopathic Semen humanum 6C - 10M. See:;…Good luck with that..-------EDIT: SoulDoctor, was your answer satire like mine? Because you forgot to specify ... Read More »