What is being done to stop child abuse?

Answer Websites and the public by staying aware of kids and there surroundings

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If a parent pinches a child's butt and does not stop when told by the child is that a form of sexual abuse?

Answer: THe parent should respect the child, it may not be in their comfort zone, so it would be sexual to the child, even if the parent isn't meaning it to be that way. I would just say the parent... Read More »

How can you stop child abuse?

You have to report it to your local authorities or your child welfare department.

How do you stop child abuse?

The best way to stop child abuse is to be informed about it, and to get help for anyone you know who is a part of it; There is help out there, and no one deserves to be stuck with the consquences o... Read More »

Why should child abuse stop?

Because it leaves the child with physical and psychological scars that can forever hinder their happiness in life. It's not fair that someone should take a child's happiness away and leave them con... Read More »