What is being done to save the African wild dog?

Answer The African wild dog, a multi-colored dog living in sub-Saharan Africa, is rapidly going extinct due to human hunting, disease and limited food. According to, a websit... Read More »

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What is being done to save sea otters?

Sea otters were hunted almost to extinction in the 18th through early 20th centuries. Several measures are in place to save this mammal.FactsThe sea otter habitat originally ranged from Baja, Calif... Read More »

What Are the Predators of African Wild Dogs?

The African wild dog is a pack animal that is roughly the same size as a domesticated dog. The African wild dog lives in the open savanna regions of Africa, where it faces severe threats from encro... Read More »

What do south african wild dogs eat?

African wild dogs, which are found primarily in the southern part of Africa, typically hunt puku antelope, Thomson's gazelles, Grant's gazelles and impalas. Their diet also includes zebras, hares, ... Read More »

What is the scientific name for an African wild dog?

The scientific name for the African wild dog, in the Linnean classification of living things, is Lycaon pictus. Other names for the African wild dog include the painted dog, ornate wolf, African wi... Read More »