What is being done to save the African wild dog?

Answer The African wild dog, a multi-colored dog living in sub-Saharan Africa, is rapidly going extinct due to human hunting, disease and limited food. According to, a websit... Read More »

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How does an African wild dog protect itself?

African wild dogs are an endangered species living in sub-Saharan Africa. These social creatures protect themselves with the safety of a pack.FeaturesAfrican wild dogs, also known as Cape hunting d... Read More »

Where does the African wild dog live?

The African wild dog lives in the nations south of Africa's Sahara Desert, although its range is just a fraction of what it once was. The African wild dog inhabits the open woodlands, savannas and ... Read More »

When did the African Wild Dog become endangered?

The African Wild Dog was listed as an endangered species on January 23, 1984. Farmers consider it a danger to livestock, so the animals are often shot at and killed. Although the African Wild Dog i... Read More »

Why should we protect the African wild dog?

Once spread throughout 39 African countries, the African wild dog (or painted dog) numbered a half-million. Because of human encroachment, these numbers are down to 3,000. Efforts are being made to... Read More »