Where did the tradition of eating popcorn during a movie come from?

Answer According to this industry-supported site, the salty snack was very popular "from the 1890s until the Great Depression." Even during the Depression, popcorn remained "one of the few luxuries down-a... Read More »

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How to Try to Enjoy Eating Peas?

Do you not ever eat peas, but need or have to eat them at home or school to get a dessert, or such? If so, this article is for you!

Iv been vege for 14 years and want to start eating meat again?

Where did the yule log tradition come from?

The tradition of burning a Yule log originated with the ancient European custom of celebrating the annual winter solstice by lighting large bonfires. It was only much later that the practice became... Read More »

BB: Do you have a tradition for the 1st night of BB?

i definitely have a few drinks, but for the last few years the launch night has been on the thursday which is not good!! better on a friday so i can get very drunk!! i am going to do sues thing of ... Read More »