What material is a beer keg made of?

Answer Brewers most commonly use stainless steel and aluminum when making modern beer kegs. They go through many tests to prevent damage, including dropping the kegs from the height of a truck bed to the ... Read More »

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What is root beer made out of?

Root beer, also known as sarsaparilla, is a carbonated beverage (or possibly a type of beer) originally created from sassafras. Root beer, popularized in North America, comes in two forms: alcoholi... Read More »

What are beer bottle caps made of?

There are many different materials beer bottle caps can be made from but they are most commonly made of tin plate grade steel. This makes them more durable for sealing the beer bottle.Source:Massac... Read More »

Home made beer sanitizers?

A dilute bleach solution of 1 tablespoon per 1 US gallon works just fine.Soak 20"...then drain.Some home brewers don't rinse.Others do with boiled and chilled water...just to be safe.More...http://... Read More »

Can beer chicken be made in the oven?

Yes; although many recipes for beer chicken, also commonly known as "beer can chicken" or "beer butt chicken," call for grill cooking, you can also safely and successfully prepare it using one of m... Read More »