What is beef tenderloin?

Answer Beef tenderloin comes from the short loin muscle of a cow, located between the sirloin muscles of the back and the cow's ribs. Beef tenderloin has a delicate texture and flavor, making it a popular... Read More »

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What is a beef tenderloin roast?

Chefs and amateur cooks alike prefer beef tenderloin roast because the cut is a tender piece of meat. Roast, grill or sear this delicately delicious cut of red meat.Beef Tenderloin RoastBeef tender... Read More »

At what temperature should a beef tenderloin be cooked?

Beef tenderloin should be cooked at 425 degrees F. A whole 4 to 5 lb. tenderloin requires 45 to 60 minutes of cooking time to achieve a rare temperature of 130 degrees F. Cooking tenderloin for 50 ... Read More »

What is the cooking time for roast beef tenderloin?

According to, a 6-lb. tenderloin should be cooked for 30 minutes in a 500 degrees F oven. At that point, the oven should be turned off. Keep the roast in the oven for an additional 30 min... Read More »

What Vegetables Go Well With Beef Tenderloin?

Beef tenderloin makes an impressive visual presentation upstaged only by its juiciness and flavor. While fans of the elegant, tender roast may claim it needs no partners on the plate, a variety of ... Read More »