How to Rest?

Answer So you know how you are always tired after a long exercise or run outside? Well this is an how to article just about resting! I know it sounds a little easy, but for some people it's not. This will... Read More »

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Should I go to the doctor or just get some more rest?

Sounds like flu to me. There's no real treatment for that. Just rest and plenty of fluids, take a couple of paracetamol or aspirin to help with the headaches and acheyness. I wouldn't bother seeing... Read More »

What does"don't rest on laurels"mean?

The phrase "don't rest on your laurels" means not to get pompous about your success. It also means that someone still has a lot to learn. The expression dates to ancient Greece, when heroic individ... Read More »

How to Rest Intentionally?

Anxiety, stress, grief, unhappiness and a sense of ever present negativity wear you out and drain your sense of direction. For many people, rest is a time of continuing to chew over the emotional t... Read More »

How to Remove the Arm Rest on a 300 SDL?

The armrest in the Mercedes Benz 300 SDL is a simple pull-down pad located between the driver and front passenger seats. At times, when extra room is needed for utility or comfort, while detailing ... Read More »