What are stores gonna do with all that pink beast merchandise now that Beast Cancer Awareness month is over?

Answer Give them away as door prizes at the Moose lodge on Bingo night.

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How to Draw the Beast from Beauty and the Beast?

The Beast is one of the main characters from the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. At the beginning of the story, he is an ugly solitary brute who loses his temper easily. But by the end, he is a sy... Read More »

What channel was Beast Wars on?

Here were the original stations for BEAST WARS for the first season. Albany, NY: FOX 23 (WXXA) - Weekdays @ 6:00 am Albuquerque, NM: FOX 2 (KASA) - Weekdays @ 6:30 am Atlanta, GA: UPN 69 (WUPA) - W... Read More »

What is the song used for an advert for the the beast?

Jeanne Benoit? She found out that Tony was undercover and left. It is thought that her Father had arranged a safe house for her to go to and that is where she went

In the book of revelation, what is the number of heads on the beast?

In Revelation 13, John sees two beasts. The first beast (which John describes as resembling a leopard) rises from the water, and has seven heads. The second beast in Revelation 13 rises from the ea... Read More »