What is basswood?

Answer Basswood is another name for any of the species of tree in the genus Tilia, in the linden family. In the United States basswood is the common name for the species Tilia americana, which is commonly... Read More »

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What tree does basswood come from?

Basswood comes from the basswood tree, a large deciduous tree also known as the American linden, native throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere. Often called a "lime" tree in the United Kingdom... Read More »

Can you use basswood for lumber?

Basswood (Tilia americana) refers to a light, pale wood used for plywood, furniture, carving and graded lumber. Basswood trees grow in the eastern and central areas of the U.S.References:Purdue Uni... Read More »

How to Bend Basswood?

Basswood is a type of wood that is used in a variety of hobby building projects. You can use this wood to make houses and bridges. The wood, when dry, bends slightly, but sometimes not enough to ma... Read More »

Is Basswood Good Firewood?

Basswood, also known as tilia, is not well suited to serve as firewood. When burned, basswood burns very quickly, does not give off a lot of head and is difficult to control because of its tendency... Read More »