What is basic police training like?

Answer Basic police training is extremely rigorous and demands that a recruit pay significant attention to everything around him or her. He or she will be tested in a variety of ways in everything from fi... Read More »

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What kind of training do police officers have to go through to become a police officer?

they have to learn how to shoot and have to go through physical training they have to be strong and u have to learn about criminal justice

What weapons do soldiers learn to use in Air force Basic Training and what uniforms are assigned in Air force basic?

The correct term is Airmen, not soldiers. Airmen learn to use the M-16 in basic training and are now issued the ABU (Airman Battle Uniform).

Basic Police Patrol Duties?

The job of a police officer includes a lot of responsibility, and officers complete many of the day-to-day duties during a patrol. Patrolling is when a police officer drives, walks or otherwise mov... Read More »

Police Marksman Training?

All police officers undergo comprehensive firearms training with handguns and shotguns. Recruits must pass qualification tests and serving police officers must periodically pass similar tests. Sinc... Read More »