What is basic algebra college math?

Answer According to Princeton University, algebra is the mathematics of generalized arithmetic operations. When used in a college setting, algebra functions are often more involved than high school algebr... Read More »

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The Need for Basic Math and Science Skills in College Students?

Engineers and scientists are a major component in a world based on technology. Technology and science is the basis for medical advancements and communication capabilities that allows people in Chin... Read More »

What Types of Equations Are in Basic Algebra?

By using variables, algebra makes it possible to find answers to different questions based on the information you have at hand. For example, you could determine what percentage of 30 is needed to m... Read More »

What Kind of Math Problems Are in an Algebra 2 Book?

Algebra 2 books usually focus on functions. They elaborate on the functions learned in Algebra 1, but they also introduce some more complex function types. A thorough understanding of Algebra 2 req... Read More »

How to Do Algebra in Visual Basic 6?

Programmers use Visual Basic to create applications that perform many functions without having to write much code. Its syntax was designed to save time and Visual Basic's development environment ma... Read More »