What is the name of bart's mother in the simpsons?

Answer Marge Bouvier Simpson. Her first name is really Marjorie but she's known as Marge.

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What Simpsons episode does Bart go to therapy?

Bart has to see a pychiatrist in the episode Yokel Chords - after telling a scary ghost story in the school cafeteria to get free food

In a simpsons episode does Bart get someone pregnant?

No. But in the Season 18 episode, Little Big Girl. He dated a 15-year-old girl who was pregnant.

Is Malcolm in the middle better than the simpsons?

Dear Persons,Well, Malcolm in the middle is great, funny, and aged to more people around a higher age group (say 13+) as some may not understand, as well as drugs and violence (well only when Reece... Read More »

What is marge simpsons middle name?

it is Jacqueline. Her middle name was from her mumMarge's full name is ....Marjorie Jacqueline Simpson but, if she never got married it would be Marjorie Jacqueline Bouvier.