What is barley green used for?

Answer Barley grass has been used to treat skin conditions as well as blood, liver and gastrointestinal disorders. Barley grass extract can protect the body from the invasion of free radicals, including c... Read More »

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How do I add powdered barley to a garden pond to reduce green algae?

Barley Powder SachetsUse barley powder in your pond by creating sachets. Purchase muslin or cotton sachet bags, and place the barley powder into the cloth bags. Do not be concerned if some powder l... Read More »

Can French-style green beans be used in a green bean casserole?

On One Hand: The Classic RecipeThe original recipe for green bean casserole, created by the Campbell's Soup Company's Home Economics department in 1955, calls for "cooked cut green beans," which wo... Read More »

What Are Green Flashing Lights Used For?

Green is the positive inspirational color that tells us to go. Crossing the road, moving in traffic, waiting for the computer to load, green screams go ahead, everything is ok and safe to proceed.

What song is used in the japanese green tea kit kat commercial?

It's Daichi Miura (三浦大知)'s "Voice"…I like Daichi!