How does tree bark help the tree survive?

Answer Bark protects a tree, much like our skin protects us. It serves as a "barrier" to the elements. :)

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What does the bark of the sugar gum tree look like?

Why Does a Tree Lose Its Bark?

Bark loss might seem like a minor, superficial wound, but it can kill your tree. Underneath the bark is the tree's phloem layer. It carries nutrients between the leaves and the roots. If it becomes... Read More »

Mushrooms That Grow in Tree Bark?

Mushrooms that grow on tree bark are either parasites or decomposers, states Michael Kuo on his website These mushrooms, called polypores, can infect healthy trees with rot, whi... Read More »

Do reindeer eat willow tree bark?

Reindeer do eat willow bark, but only as a last resort. They will dine on willow bark if they cannot find other food, although willow bark is not their favorites. Willows grow very fast, so even if... Read More »