What is a free will baptist?

Answer Free Will Baptist are of the same denomination of other Baptists and believe in God as the creator and Jesus Christ as his son. Free Will Baptists believe and practice that man is born innocent, b... Read More »

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How to Live Like a Baptist?

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Baptist Universities & Colleges?

The Baptist denomination is a sect of the Judeo-Christian faith which has a heavy presence in the United States, primarily in the Southeast region of the country. Baptist-affiliated universities an... Read More »

Baptist Colleges in Kentucky?

According to the Kentucky Baptist Convention ( -- a part of the Southern Baptist Convention ( -- Kentucky has approximately 780,000 Baptist Christians attending at over 2,400 ... Read More »

How to Sing Using a Baptist Hymnal?

The Baptist HymnalThousands sing from a Baptist Hymnal, but few have a full appreciation of the information it contains. The goal of this article is to increase your understanding of these mysterie... Read More »