What is bad about chewing gum in school?

Answer For decades, students have been frustrated by the rule that chewing gum in school is not allowed; many have argued that it is a harmless act. But the truth is that chewing gum in school causes prob... Read More »

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School Rules About Chewing Gum?

Chewing gum in school is a topic of great debate. Due to the inconclusive nature of research done into its positive and negative effects, many schools have a variety of different rulings on allowin... Read More »

What Are Some Pros & Cons of Gum Chewing in School?

Chewing gum in school is a subject of great debate. Regulations and tolerance of chewing gum vary in every school and classroom in the United States and around the globe. Gum chewing has both posit... Read More »

What Are Four Main Points for a Persuasive Essay About Chewing Gum?

Writing a persuasive essay about chewing gum can seem like a fun assignment. People of all ages and all walks of life chew gum, and your own personal use of gum can add a level of authority to your... Read More »

Is chewing gum in school bad?

On One Hand: Sticky SituationsChewing gum is notoriously sticky and damaging; gum that has been chewed at school by students is often stuck to desks, to floors, in lockers and in books--all items p... Read More »