What is backyard football?

Answer Backyard football is a recreational variation of American football. It is usually played outdoors and follows the general rules of football, but with less strict regulations as it is more of an inf... Read More »

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What do you think of my backyard?

I like the potted plants flanking the sliding door to the house, but I think you could use even more greenery here. You're obviously skilled at keeping container plants healthy -- why not add more ... Read More »

What animals dig holes in backyard?

What is this growing in my backyard?

They are the seedlings of a Maple tree, I have them this year ALL over my yard! I have been picking them out of my lawn, but it looks like you have ALOT!!!! Try mowing them, they won't grow.

What can I do to get rid of a mosquito problem in my backyard?

Tob get rid of the bugs, try to cover any standing water in your backyard. And try use deet or something.