What is babbling and what is its purpose?

Answer babbling is when someone is talking way too much....and the purpose would be..well...whatever the person is talking about.

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If all cretures have a purpose, then what is the purpose of garden slugs?

Garden slugs creep in your residence.While you're sleeping they enter your anus and impregnate you against your will.They brainwash your spermatozoa making them leave your balls to travel to your s... Read More »

What is the reason for daddy long legs what is their purpose in life?

Somebody tell me what pillow shams are, and what their purpose is. Thanks.?

Pillow shams are a more decorative way to match your comfortor. Instead of you just slipping a pillow case over your pillow the shams are split in the middle and you stuff your pillow in. That way ... Read More »

What do people get out of sending viruses what is their ultimate purpose?

They don't get what they deserve I would like to do them a service.A BURIAL SERVICEgo play with your own toys not mine you spoiled brats