How to Calculate the Average Acceleration of a Car?

Answer Calculate the average acceleration of a car by dividing the change of velocity (final velocity - beginning velocity) by the time elapsed. Acceleration is expressed in meters per second (m/s). Sourc... Read More »

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How to Calculate Acceleration?

This article will briefly show how to calculate acceleration. Acceleration is defined as an increase in rate of speed.

How to Work Out Acceleration?

Acceleration can be a key element in almost every sport. The ability to gain speed in a short amount of time will most likely make you better at whatever sport you are playing. However, acceleratio... Read More »

How to Calculate Your Acceleration?

An object's acceleration describes the rate of change in its speed over time. According to Isaac Newton's second law of motion, this value depends on two factors -- the force acting on the object a... Read More »

My Chevy Won't Go Upon Acceleration?

Gasoline engines require four things to run: a steady flow of fuel, air to burn the fuel, a spark to ignite the air/fuel mixture, and cylinder compression to make the air/fuel mixture volatile enou... Read More »