What is avast?

Answer "Avast" is an imperative verb meaning "stop" or "desist."HistoryThe word is of nautical origin. It comes from the Dutch "houd vast," which translates into English as "hold fast."OriginThe Dutch "ho... Read More »

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What is an Avast mirror .exe?

Avast is a brand of anti-virus software, and a mirror .exe file is a replica of that software on another computer server so as to be accessible in more than one place. Mirrors are often used when d... Read More »

What is the origin of avast ye matie?

The phrase "Avast ye, matie!" is associated with pirates, although historians aren't sure if it has any roots in history. The word "avast" shows up as a nautical term around 1680. It's probably a c... Read More »

What Is Avast Virus Protection?

Avast Virus Protection is an antivirus software download. Both a free and paid version are available as well as an Internet security package. These products are designed for PCs running a Windows o... Read More »

What is avast antivirus software?

Alwil avast! antivirus is a popular security program for home or business use. It is designed to identify and, when possible, remove malware from infected computers. Avast! is capable of stopping a... Read More »