What is autocratic leadership?

Answer According to "The Bass Handbook of Leadership," an autocratic leadership style (compared to a democratic style) often results in lower follower satisfaction and morale.DefinitionAn autocratic leade... Read More »

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Autocratic Leadership Theory?

Autocracy is defined right in the word. It is rule by one person. It has the connotation of dictatorship, depending on quick and unflinching obedience. The autocratic leader consults with no one ex... Read More »

Cons of Autocratic Leadership?

Autocratic leadership can be beneficial in specific situations, such as those involving an unruly or disorganized team. Sometimes a workplace cannot function effectively without the dynamic of resp... Read More »

Leadership experts agree that effective leadership behavior depends on situational and follower characteristics According to Understanding Behaviors for Effective Leadership leaders' behavior?

How to Use Animal Leadership Styles to Inform Your Business Leadership Values?

Have you ever studied the social organization of various animals? Herd of elephants, a pride of lions, a troop of monkeys, a pack of hyena or wild dogs, a swarm of bees or a flock of birds? Who is ... Read More »