Is parkinson's disease an auto-immune disease?

Answer Parkinson's disease is caused by lack of dopamine a neurotransmitter in the brain. Dopamine is responsible for communication necessary for smooth muscle and coordinated movement. The inefficiency o... Read More »

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Will crohns disease be auto decline for health insurance?

In most cases yes. Crohns disease patients find it very difficult to get standard and affordable health/life insurance. Premiums for diagnosed patients when available tend to be very high.

What is the difference between a Communical disease and a Infectious disease?

What is the relation between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease?

DENTAL INFECTIONS AND MEDICAL POBLEMS I BELIEVE THAT I READ SOMEWHERE that if you have an infection in your mouth, from either infected teeth or gums you have to be careful at the dentist. If a den... Read More »

What makes a Mac so immune to viruses?

Two things make it so immune to viruses.1) The operating system is written in a language that is not as common as the language used to write Windows.Less people have the ability to write in this la... Read More »