What day was August 5, 2005?

Answer August 5th occurred on a Friday in the year of 2005, according to Events of interest on this day include Typhoon Matsa's passage of Taiwan and subsequent landfall in China.Source:P... Read More »

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What is August Moon?

August Moon is a Chinese reference to the 15th night of the eighth month in the Chinese calender. It is short for the August Moon festival, an annual Chinese celebration.OriginsThe August Moon Fest... Read More »

What day of the week was August 15, 1948?

According to the Franklin Institute, August 15, 1948 fell on a Sunday. The year 1948 was a leap year, so it contained 366 days instead of 365. The addition of a February 29th in 1948 pushed August ... Read More »

What color is the birthstone for August?

The birthstone color for August is peridot, a light green color. Every year of the month has a color that represents a birthstone. These colors often are used in jewelry to make it more personalize... Read More »

What is the flower for the month of August?

Both gladiolus and poppy are flowers for the month of August.