What is audio and video cable?

Answer A cable used to connect home electronics to each other. Usually the ends of the cables are color coded: Yellow for VIDEO, White for AUDIO LEFT and Red for AUDIO RIGHT.

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Does video cable sound better than audio cable?

Assuming you are talking about coaxial patch cables with RCA connectors, the answer is no--there is no detectable difference. (There are many people who will disagree with that, but they tend to be... Read More »

Can you substitute video cable for audio cable?

Assuming the video cable has the right connectors, probably RCA type (phono connectors) then it can be used for audio signals. In fact, some high end audio interlinking cables use video cable becau... Read More »

Will s-video cable deliver audio?

No, the s-video is a video only connection.

Is an optical cable video and audio?

An optical cable can only carry digital audio--not video. High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables are considered the best device to carry a digital video signal. HDMI cables carry both h... Read More »