What is atypical depression?

Answer Atypical depression is a subtype of depression with its own symptoms and treatments. Many doctors believe it is a common type of depression that is under-diagnosed.SymptomsA person with atypical de... Read More »

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What is an atypical depression?

Among the various subtypes of depression, atypical depression is the most common. Atypical depression affects between 25 and 42 percent of people suffering from depression, according to Dr. Andrew ... Read More »

What are atypical migraines?

Migraines, both typical and atypical, often cause extreme pain and a multitude of other symptoms. However, doctors use the term "atypical migraine" to identify any type of migraine that lacks one o... Read More »

Atypical Canine Addison's Disease?

There are three forms of Addison's disease: primary, atypical and secondary. Primary Addison's disease means your dog is incapable of producing mineralcorticoids and glucococosteriods. Atypical Add... Read More »

Do atypical cells usually turn into breast cancer?

Cancer is the mutation of normal cells in your body. Once your cells mutate, they can begin to grow uncontrolled. This out-of-control growth can lead to tumors and cancer. An atypical cell is not n... Read More »