What is attacking my viburnum?

Answer Viburnums are attractive and versatile shrubs with noteworthy foliage, form, flowers and fruit. Appealing to birds and wildlife, they can also fall victim to insect pests and a range of diseases.In... Read More »

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What is a deciduous viburnum?

Deciduous viburnum is a genus of viburnum shrub. Other viburnum shrubs may be evergreen or semi-evergreen. Deciduous viburnum lose their foliage at the end of the growing season. Some varieties gro... Read More »

What season is viburnum?

Virburnums are adaptable shrubs or trees. They will adorn landscape in all four seasons. Viburnums have stark white to pink flowers in the spring with large, ornamental leaves. They grow attractive... Read More »

What do you say if someone starts attacking you?

don't say anything! run away from the problem, and if you can't run away, then tell them to stop and don't show that you are afraid, and if they don't, then use some safety manuevers to protect you... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between the Plants Viburnum & Oleander?

Viburnum and oleander plants have a number of things in common. They both constitute shrubs suited to growth in warm climates like that of the American southeast. These shrubs bear fragrant, ornam... Read More »