How do I determine a male rainbow lorikeet from a female rainbow lorikeet?

Answer Sexing by SightRainbow lorikeets are not sexually dimorphic, which means there is no visual difference between males and females. While you can observe your bird for hormonal behaviors that may hin... Read More »

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What are the colors in the rainbow ?

Rainbows are an arch of color that appears in the sky after certain weather conditions. Water in the air acts as a prism, splitting sunlight into its component colors and reflecting those colors ba... Read More »

What Is an Annual Rainbow Gathering?

Each summer, the "Rainbow Tribe," also self-identified as the "Rainbow Family of Living Light," gathers in a United States National Forest to preach and practice its stated ideals of love, peace, e... Read More »

What is the meaning of the rainbow flag?

There are many different versions and meanings of a rainbow flag, but the most prominent today is to signify gay pride. It is a commonly used symbol in the gay and lesbian community and typically r... Read More »

What year was over the rainbow?

1939 - with music by Harold Arlen and lyrics by E. Y. Young, it was composed to the film (motion picture...) "The Magic of Oz", sung by Judy Garland and spread all over the world.