How to Perform Astral Projection?

Answer Astral projection is performed to achieve a higher sense of spirituality. Practitioners using this are skilled in meditation. Deities protect the physical body during this practice. Allowing one's ... Read More »

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Astral Projection Techniques for Beginners?

Out of body experiences (OOBE) are enigmatic phenomena. In his book "Phantoms in the Brain," neurologist V. S. Ramachadran presents a series of what he calls "parlor games" that trigger the sensati... Read More »

How to Achieve Astral Projection Through a Dream State?

Astral projection, or having an out-of-body experience, typically occurs any time a person goes to sleep. Many people believe that a person's astral body will naturally leave the body while sleepin... Read More »

Help from anyone here familiar with astral projection or altering the conciousness?

Don't think about it so hard. Just relax your mind and body more, that's what works for me

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