What is assigned debt?

Answer The longer a consumer goes without paying a debt, the more unlikely it is that he will fulfill his financial obligations to his creditor. If it appears that a debtor does not intend to repay a cred... Read More »

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What is the best debt consolidation service for a 100k debt?

On One Hand: Debt Consolidation Mortgages Can HelpWith large amounts of debt, getting a debt consolidation mortgage could be an option. The payments are spread out over the term of the mortage, red... Read More »

If Debt Is Past SOL, What Else Can a Debt Collector Do?

A creditor has a limited period of time to sue a debtor for the collection of a past-due or delinquent line of credit. This period of time is known as the "statute of limitations," and it is set at... Read More »

What Is Assigned Risk?

Assigned risk typically applies to a person or company who cannot secure insurance through conventional means. Such individuals or companies are duly categorized and placed on a list of individuals... Read More »

What is an assigned risk pool?

An assigned risk pool is a state-sponsored type of insurance to provide coverage for high-risk drivers. Private insurance firms may refuse to provide insurance to a high-risk driver. Some states cr... Read More »