What is artificial propagation?

Answer Propagation carried out by man and not naturally.

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What is budding and grafting in artificial vegetative propagation?

budding:it is also a kind of grafting but here a bud is used instead of twig.a bud is transplanted on the stock plant from which the rest of the shoot is removed. grafting:in the plants transplanta... Read More »

Jalapeno Propagation?

Perhaps no other home garden plant comes in so many varieties with so many different flavors and heats than peppers. Some peppers are so sweet that you can eat them like apples, while others are so... Read More »

The Propagation of Cyclamen & Begonias?

There are many methods of starting new plants, but some plants only respond to certain methods. Such is the case with both cyclamen and begonia. Cyclamen is particularly difficult to propagate, eve... Read More »

Propagation of the Achillea Yarrow?

Species in the yarrow genus fall under the scientific name Achillea and belong to the plant family Asteraceae. These hardy, fast-growing perennials produce abundant flowers from summer to fall. Pro... Read More »