What is array in visual basic?

Answer Arrays are variables with multiple "compartments" to store values in an easily accessible format. Computer users should be careful not to design huge arrays which will use excessive memory and slow... Read More »

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What Is an Array in Visual Basic?

In Visual Basic, an array is an indexed set of data. Arrays are used to group and index a series of values. The individual values held in array are called the elements of the array. An element is o... Read More »

How to Program an Array in Visual Basic?

Using arrays in computer programming can save you a lot of time by keeping related information in memory and using it when you need it. Arrays are a set of values that are logically related to each... Read More »

How do I find the largest value in an array in Visual Basic?

Create an array and fill it with data. Naturally, you can skip this step if you already have an array you would like to find the largest value in. To do this, click "File," "New Project" and select... Read More »

How do I Determine a Multi-Dimensional Array Column Size in Visual Basic?

Visual Basic does not make it immediately obvious how to determine the dimensions of a multidimensional array of data. The most obvious function, "Length," returns the size of the full array rather... Read More »