What is arp protocol?

Answer Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is a networking protocol used to resolve IP addresses to MAC addresses. The IP is dynamically assigned to a computer, but the MAC address is a physical number prog... Read More »

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What is OPC protocol?

OPC protocol is a computer standard commonly used in industry for connecting industrial hardware to computer systems either for diagnostics or for creating interfaces to control the hardware with a... Read More »

What is a web protocol?

A web protocol is a server on the Internet that supports security protocol. A web user's personal information such as credit card, social security and address information is encrypted for protectio... Read More »

What is a GTP protocol?

A Go Text Protocol (GTP) is a protocol that uses text for communication with computer programs for playing the board game "Go" online. According to Lysator, the Academic Computer Society, GTP is po... Read More »

What is an RPC protocol?

In Windows, the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) protocol manages communication between a server (the high-end computer that manages a network) and the client (the workstation computers that connect to ... Read More »