What is army reserve duty?

Answer Duty in the Army Reserve is a part-time endeavor. Soldiers hold civilian jobs, but normally work for the Army one weekend a month and two weeks during the summer. They are paid for the time, and ea... Read More »

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Can the Army ROTC pay for my bachelor's degree and medical school before i serve in Active Duty and in the Army Reserve for 6 or 8 years?

If I'm enlisted in the Army Reserve and also in an ROTC Program do I have to drop that program if my Reserve unit is called into active duty?

Typically, cadets don't get mobilized. I guess the army feels that it's more important for you to finish school than to go to war. That doesn't mean it's impossible, I just don't believe I've ever ... Read More »

Can you go from army active duty to army reserve?

Sure, but only at the end of your enlistment contract - you can't terminate your active duty contract to be in the Army Reserve, but you can enlist into the Army Reserve after you've completed your... Read More »

Us Army reserve off duty and a DUI?

Same as a civilian with a DUI. Even on active duty, the only way a DUI will affect you militarily is if it occurs on post or on a government installation.