What is debt arbitration?

Answer With so much fine print written into a credit contract, debtors and creditors can find themselves at odds over whether or not, or when, certain debts are owed. They might use debt arbitration to so... Read More »

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What does binding arbitration mean?

Binding arbitration is the process in which a neutral third party or panel of third party individuals determines the outcome of a dispute in an informal hearing. The term “binding” means the p... Read More »

The Difference Between Arbitration & Med-Arb?

Small details make the difference between arbitration and med-arb. During arbitration, rulings on disputes are made by a neutral third party that does not hold judgeship. During med-arb, a neutral ... Read More »

AAA Arbitration Procedures?

Arbitration is an alternative legal remedy to filing a case in court. In arbitration, the parties submit their claims and evidence and argue the merits before an impartial third party, the arbitrat... Read More »

What is mediation and arbitration?

Mediation and arbitration are alternative dispute resolution techniques where parties agree to have their controversy resolved in an out-of-court forum by a neutral third party.ArbitrationIn arbitr... Read More »