What is aq in chemistry?

Answer Chemistry is the study of matter. Chemists utilize many words and symbols to explain reactions by substances. Many of the terms become abbreviated to facilitate notation in equations. One such term... Read More »

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What is oh in chemistry?

The OH group is an oxygen with a bonded hydrogen. It occurs on water molecules, inorganic ions like phosphates and organic molecules like alcohols. It also occurs as a negative ion, OH-. The OH gro... Read More »

What is the chemistry of chewing gum?

Chewing gum has been popular throughout history and across all cultures. Examples of neolithic chewing gum 5,000 years old has been found in Finland. It is a habit enjoyed by many and despised by m... Read More »

What is a wing top in chemistry?

In chemistry, a wing top, wing tip or flame spreader is a device placed on top of a Bunsen burner used to spread the flames. Because a wing top spreads flames over a wide area, it can be used to be... Read More »

What is an atom in chemistry?

An atom is the smallest single unit of matter that exists as a specific element. Atoms consist of three parts: positively charged protons, uncharged neutrons and negatively charged electrons. The n... Read More »