What is aptitude testing?

Answer Aptitude testing is something that can come up in your life while trying to apply for a job or working with a school guidance counselor. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it may seem daunting. U... Read More »

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Psychometric Aptitude Testing?

Psychometric aptitude tests analyze different psychological traits of a person; gauging their abilities, personality and behavioral traits and motivation. Psychometric tests are often used by emplo... Read More »

Interest & Aptitude Testing?

Interest and aptitude testing are not new concepts, but they are currently used in new ways. Increasingly, employers are using psychometric assessment, which includes interest and aptitude testing,... Read More »

In which countries are the overseas testing locations of the US Army located and in what kind of testing are they involved?

The US doesn't tend to test within other countries' borders. However, they have many overseas testing locations, nearly all islands in the south pacific. Here, nuclear weapons were tested during th... Read More »

What is the difference between IQ& aptitude?

Intelligence quotient (IQ) is often classified as a distinct assessable characteristic that affects all mental ability. Aptitude, on the other hand, refers to one of many mental characteristics of ... Read More »