What is apple coral?

Answer Apple Coral is a non endangered species of coral often used to make jewelry because of its unprotected status. It is a member of the Melithaea ochracea, also known as melithaea sponge, found prima... Read More »

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What is a fan coral?

"Fan coral," "sea fan" and "gorgonian" are some common names for a type of soft coral branched to resemble a tree or fan. Fan corals have tough, intricately branched, tree-like skeletons covered in... Read More »

Proverb week - is it true an apple a day keeps the doctor away - if so what is in an apple?

Dear GoodYou know how this proverb came ? here it is.. a small storyAn apple seller and a doctor loved same girl. apple seller started giving an apple to the girl everyday. the Doctor asked: WHY ??... Read More »

What is in coral calcium?

Coral calcium is a natural supplement harvested from dead coral reef above sea level. It contains calcium from coral, magnesium, vitamin D3, betaine HCL, vitamnin C and 73 minerals naturally found ... Read More »

What is the color of coral?

Coral occurs naturally in a variety of colors, such as pink, blue, red and black. Coral that is currently imported into the United States is most often gray and later dyed to mimic the rainbow of c... Read More »