What is aperture used for?

Answer letting light into the camera

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I am Using Nikon D80. Why I cannot adjust my APERTURE Only blinking f-- is showing. I used Manual Mode. HELP!?

This is what was on the Nikon site Having a "System Error" message display on the camera's LCD display generally indicates a problem where the camera will need to come to Nikon for repair. A System... Read More »

What is maximum aperture?

Maximum aperture is the maximum amount you can get a hole to open.

What is an aperture on a camera?

All the information above is correct when referring to the camera's iris, not aperture. Very simply, yet commonly misunderstood, the aperture of a camera is the opening behind the lens that allows ... Read More »

What is aperture priority in photography?

Aperture priority lets you set the aperture you want and the camera sets the shutter speed for you. You use it when you want to control depth of field. Shutter priority lets you set the shutter sp... Read More »