How to Deal With Anti Semitism?

Answer Are people harassing you and making ignorant comments about you, simply because of your religion (Judaism), your heritage or ethnicity (Jewish) or perhaps because of your nationality (Israeli)? Are... Read More »

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Zionism isn't it akin to Anti-Semitism?

Thanks for clearing that up that you meant antiZionism because when I first saw this question, I thought you were a hater, lol. I agree 100% with Zvi. He's saying exactly the same thing that I alwa... Read More »

What free anti-virus, firewall, anti spyware/malware do you recommend?

I'd recommend using AVG anti-virus, Comodo firewall, AVG anti-spyware along with the firefox web browser or any browser other than internet explorer.

Can someone recommend a good anti virus, anti spyware and firewall program?

AntiVirus: Download Avast AntiVirus from:…Anti Spyware: Download Adaware from:…Firewall: Comodo Personal Firewa... Read More »

My in laws find vegetarianism offensive, anti-patriotic, and anti-Bible help!?

Sorry but they're nuts. Tell them you find THEM offensive. They obviously don't listen to reason. though you could pull the old "before the Fall everyone was a vegetarian, it's the natural state of... Read More »