What is anterior&posterior spinal fusion?

Answer Spinal fusion is a surgery in which spinal bones (vertebrae) are joined to correct abnormalities or heal fractures. The body forms scar tissue around the surgery area, which in essence fuses the ve... Read More »

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What does Spinal fusion do?

Spinal fusion decreases pain but it also decreases spinal mobility

Has anyone had spinal fusion surgery?

My mother in law had this surgery done . It is a big operation And will take time to recover but she said it helped her pain and movement lots. You are young and will heel and recover fast. Be prep... Read More »

Can Spinal Fusion Be Reversed?

A spinal fusion surgery "welds" two or more vertebrae together to take pressure off the spinal nerves. The patient trades relief from pain with some spine stiffness. The surgeon cannot reverse this... Read More »

Can you join the navy with a spinal fusion?

No - current Medical Disqualifications for military service in any branch include surgical spinal fusions involving 2 vertebrae (which means pretty much any of them).